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iTECH excels at Global Distribution. We service a client base of 5,000+ wholesalers and 25,000+ retailers globally. Aided by robust logistics capabilities, we can rapidly move product to every corner of the world.

iTECH Smartphone Distributor


iTECH partners with leading manufacturers to launch cutting edge, state of the art products across geographies. Working with our distribution partners in 40+ countries, we can take your product from zero to hero in every major established and emerging market in the world (barring OFAC).

iTECH Smartphone Distributor


Every entity, regardless of size faces inventory challenges. We can help eliminate your inventory overages by purchasing your excess inventory at marketable pricing. We have worked with Distributors, Retailers, OEMs and Networks from around the world to help them cut down on end-of-life inventory. Whatever your inventory challenge may be, we can help you find a home for any device in any stage of its lifecycle.

iTECH Smartphone Distributor


OEMs cannot afford to ignore emerging markets unless they want to risk becoming irrelevant in the decades to come. Led by the BRICS, nearly 20 countries have been identified by iTECH as hyper-growth markets for a long time to come. These booming economies are experiencing a substantial upswing in disposable income, and are rapidly adopting new technology. This makes them ideal markets for any OEM to sell their wares.

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